The Call to Ministry – S1


1 – The Call to Ministry may impact our lives in a variety of different ways. It could manifest as a deep sense of knowing within your heart that there is something more we should be doing. It could present itself as an earnest compassion for others, or, it could be that you already know your calling and only require a small amount of help arriving at your next step.core_1_scripture_1



2 – The text cited above, refers to the expression “many are called, but few are chosen”. According to Strong’s Concordance, to be “called” is to be “invited” or “appointed”.  The Call to Ministry, which is a “Divine Invitation”, is available to everyone.

3 – Unfortunately, only a few will ever realize the relevance of their call. Even fewer will actually accept “the call” and become “the chosen”. To be “chosen” means to be “elected or picked for a specific position”.

4 – How you received “the call” really doesn’t matter. What is most important is that you give an answer to “the call”. God is awaiting on your response, He desires your willing participation.

5 – You must respond to His invitation The Call to Ministry may be viewed as a gateway or portal, into the very complex “world of ministry”. You cannot enter without giving a response to the invitation you’ve received from God.

6 – What makes the “world of ministry” complex can be huge. It will be largely based on your own religious convictions; what you believe and what you do not believe will affect your decision going forward.

7 – The Call to Ministry is your special invitation from GOD to “join” in the fight to free the inhabitants of this earth from the evils of this present age. It is a great honor from GOD, and should not be taken lightly.

8 – The Call to Ministry involves “timing”. Sensing “the call”, also signals a time to “change seasons”. Your services are needed to advance the knowledge of GOD’s Kingdom, until His Glory covers the earth.

9 – Just as there is a Kingdom of Light, there is also a kingdom of darkness. These two kingdoms will always be in opposition. The kingdom of darkness is governed by a fallen Archangel, known during his angelic life as “Lucifer”. This fallen Archangel, now known to everyone as satan, led an ill-fated revolt against GOD and His Angels.





10 – Since that time, even until now, anyone who has any association with GOD and/or the Kingdom of His Dear Son, Jesus, is considered an enemy to the kingdom of darkness.

11 – GOD has an army of believers; which includes every born again believer. From this army, He calls forth whom He will, with a desire to enlist their gifts and abilities into the fight. GOD is fully aware of your gifts and abilities. When He calls, it is time to place you into active service. To join in the fight to continuously oppose the kingdom of darkness.

12 – After this ill-fated war in Heaven, satan and the angels that fought with him, (now called demons) were thrown out of this heavenly atmosphere.

13 – A place which had been their home, and into the “Spirit World”. Within this “spirit world”.  satan and his demon “spirits” have the ability to move about freely.





14 – Unless given permission, through word or deed from an earth resident, these demons, also known as “evil spirits”, could not operate or cause the amount of havoc upon the earth that they presently do. (For more on this topic see “The Genesis Project”)

15 – With the continuous rise in satanic worship, entry into the earth realm isn’t very difficult for them at all.

16 – With the aid of satanic worshipers, certain geographical locations are now heavily under demonic influence. GOD desires that men and women called and equipped would reclaim these areas for the Kingdom of GOD.





17 – Our GOD is the Creator of all things. Left in the hands of satan, the earth would continue to be polluted and corrupted with increased demonic activity. The rise in this demonic activity came into the earth through acts instigated by satan.

18 – Although it may appear outwardly that he is winning in this battle between the forces of good and evil, you can be confident, that he will NEVER win the war!






19 – GOD has not been blindfolded at any time. Although, we may not be clear on all the details, in the aftermath, one thing remains perfectly clear; GOD is the Creator of all things, including the devil! He knows the capability of all His Creation. He knew satan would attempt a revolt, and He knew satan would try to destroy anything GOD had created which is everything around us.





20 – It was during the creation of man and the earth, that satan tried to interfere with the plan of GOD. GOD is Light, or illumination. We can even say, GOD is Revelation. GOD is a Planner. His plan was to make the earth a comfortable place for man to exist, and bring light into the earth through mankind.






21 – A place, just as comfortable as Heaven in fact, a perfect replica. GOD spent five days preparing such a place for mankind to inhabit.

22 – Then, on the sixth (6th) day, something truly amazing occurred. Man was created, and the life of man on earth, began.






23 – Therefore, the Spirit of Man, was Created by GOD on the sixth (6th) day, the temple in which the Spirit of Man was to exist, was created on that day. The soul came alive on that day. The last thing GOD “made” was Woman. Strong’s Concordance gives one definition of “man” in this text as “another”.

24 – Thus, GOD said, “Let Us Make Another” in our image and after our likeness. Man was made in the image of GOD. He was and is GOD’s reflection. When GOD looks upon the earth it is as if He is looking in a mirror. We are His image when He looks in our direction. He cannot help but to see Himself.







25 – After the Spirit of Man was created, then the body in which that man would exist was “formed”. Strong’s Concordance gives a definition in this text for man as a “common sort”.  The “formed” Man came from the dust; he was in close kinship with the earth.

26 – This “formed Man” or “common sort”, had no life.  He could not move until GOD breathed life into him.  Then this “common sort” came alive, and became a living “soul”.  A soul filled with senses, emotions & data. All necessary elements to “subdue” and bring all things under subjection.  At this stage of human development, the man’s mind was alert and lacked nothing.

27 – He was placed here for the purpose of establishing order and was given dominion; the authority to carry out GOD-LY plans.  He walked with GOD. He established order and began to name the animals.

28 – GOD determined that it was not good for the man to be alone, so He made a suitable companion for Adam, through Adam.  A companion that came from Adam’s very own rib.

29 – Adam gave her the name “woman”(man with a womb), because she was bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh.